Alice is a friendly phantom who runs errands for Daina. 

Name Alice (Nyx)
Gender Female
Age  300~ (Looks like ten)
Species Half ghost half human
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Alice's build resembles what a child's would look like. She is short with a meduium build. Her hair is medium length, curly and of a light blue tone. Her eyes are green.

Alice wears bandages tightly around her torso, with a light blue poncho covering that for the most part. She wears blue jeans.

Sometimes; especially at night, little "plasma" balls can be viewed circling around Alice.


Alice is loyal but dull individual. She will stand up for those who are being targeted or picked on. She is quite oblivious to the obvious, and accepts this part of herself. She can be overly energetic.


Alice was a wandering spirit, before she was found by Myst. When she was found and her story was brought up to the concil of Guardians, it was agreed on that she would be given a second choice. However, since the long amount of time between her death and the discovery, she couldn't be given a proper human body. Therefore, she is half human half ghost. Daina keeps her as an assistant.

Before she died, Alice was known as Nyx, a child who was trying to escape from a village who she angered because she did not believe in their ideals. Oakley, a traveling merchant agreed to help the girl escape, as her parents were being turned in to the Church. 

Nyx and Oakley were finally going to a town that they would be safe in, when wolves attacked their horses and wagon. Oakley died trying to help Nyx survive, and Nyx escaped, dieing of infection and dehydrtion days later. 

Alice does not remember anything about her past; however her friend Myst does.


  • Alice is able to use the plasma balls around her to create temporary wings to fly with. 
  • Flying causes Alice to lose the ability to multitask, if she is attacked mid-flight she cannot dodge or defend herself. 


  • Myst (Friend): Myst was one of the first people Alice interacted with after her resserection. Despite Myst not being able to talk, Alice still considers her a friend. 
  • Daina (Master): Daina allows Alice a place to stay as long as she works diligently.
  • Daemon (Friend?) Alice stands up for Daemon when Daina picks on him.

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