Ashen Lupis is a roaming soldier and bodyguard of Iris. 

Name Ashen Lupis
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Species Werewolf


Ashen has a petite build, she is very short. She has long, straight orange hair. Her eyes are a shade of blue. 

Her main outfit consists of a blue shirt with a brown coat over top of it, two latches keeping the front partially closed. The back of the coat has a wing like design that is usually covered by her hair. 

She wears brown pants with brown boots. 

She has a gold-coated choker that was given to her by Iris which she wears on her neck at all times. 

Lensai Edit

When seen in Lensai, she is usually found with her ears and her tail protruding, both matching the colour of her hair. She has a white marking near a nick on her right ear. 

When she is on duty, Ashen also has a utility belt around her waist and a pair of sheaths on her back to carry her swords. She has brown, protective gloves to protect her hands. 

Earth Edit

Ashen usually wears more modern clothing when she's on Earth; to blend in. She also hides her ears and tail. 

Personality Edit

Despite her history, Ashen is quite energetic. She loves to joke around; however she has a serious side to her. She usually keeps her problems to herself.

History Edit

Ashen was the result of a affair between the powerful esper NAMEHERE and a werewolf. As a result, her father's wife treats her badly, and made an agreement to let Ashen live at their house as long as she proves worth by acting as a bodyguard to her daughter, Iris. Ashen was trained since she was young to wield swords, and practising her skills takes her minds off reality.

Abilities Edit

  • Ashen can dual wield 
  • She can use small amounts of fire based magic 

Alliances Edit

  • Iris Dixoun (Step-Sister): Iris treats Ashen like a pet, always bossing her around. She takes advantage of being a legitimate child.