Chiika is a human that entered the realm of Lensai.

Name Chiika
Gender Female
Age 17
Species Human


Chiika is a short but thin girl. Her hair is a blond tint, with the tips dyed a light pink. Her eyes are an unusual shade of pink.

Chiika is usually spotted wearing dresses in a variety of colours. Her hair is frequently propped up in a bun.


Chiika is a very caring individual. She is willing to sacrifice herself for the ones she loves, and will usually follow through with any goals that she sets for herself.

History Edit

Chiika met Kasumi in middle school, where he was being picked on. She started to talk to him during and after school, and became friends with him. She did not judge him for who he was, and believed his story.

Chiika decided on her own terms to try to get into Lensai to see how it was like and understand more about Kasumi. When she did, the overabundance of magic blinded her in her left eye. 

After the incident, her and Kasumi still talked; however Kasumi felt guilty for it. 

When she was in highschool, Chiika got a cashier job at a nearby supermarket.


  • Kasumi (Boyfriend): Kasumi and Chiika were friends since middleschool.
  • Rav3r (Aqquaintance): Chiika often goes to Rav3r's parties.

Trivia Edit

  • The magic of Lensai also resulted in the tips of Chiika's hair being turned pink.