Daemon is somewhat of a freeloader at Daina's house, as he frequently does not respond to her requests.

Name Daemon
Gender Male
Age Unknown 
Species Hellhound


Daemon has a tall, skinny build. He has unkempt and short dark brown hair. His eyes are a shade of brown, usually resembling a red.

Daemon himself usually wears short sleeved shirts and shorts, in a variety of dark colours. He also has a collar around his neck that Daina forced him into wearing, and bandages on his hands to cover up scars from various fights.


Daemon can be seen in Lensai with medium sized-bat esque wings that have a black frame and red insides. He also has tall, dark brown ears which blend in with his hair and a red and brown tail.


On Earth, Daemon usually is seen without his wings or ears and tail. His eyes take on a more natural shade of brown.


Daemon is a quiet individual, usually keeping thoughts to himself. He is usually uncooperative, leaving people to jump to the assumption that he's an angst filled teenager.

History Edit

Daemon used to be a Guardian of Death; however his reign was cut short when it was decided that Daina did the job more efficiently and effectively. Since Daemon could not cover as much as Daina could, and that Daina had tricks up her sleeves to get him to surrender, he quickly did. The catch is that he started to freeload in Daina's house, as a form of payback.

Abilities Edit

  • Daemon is able to fly, and usually just uses his flying abilities to get on rafters to sit.
  • Daemon can see and control spirits as well as dark matter; however his skills aren't as powerful as they used to be.
  • Daemon can shapeshift into a Hell-hound.

Alliances Edit

  • Daina (Owner): Daina "keeps" Daemon as a pet. He is frequently annoyed by her.
  • Alice (Aqquantance): Alice stands up for Daemon when he's being picked on.
  • Rav3r: Rav3r often forces Daemon into raves, karaoke and other such events.

Trivia Edit

  • Daina often refers to him as "Little Devil Boy" which is a spin off of him literally being the "God of Death" at one point.