Daina Barett the self proclaimed "God of Death" is the guardian responsible matters over life and death.


Daina is a short woman, with medium length, curly orange hair and olive green eyes.

She wears dresses frequently, usually in blue to keep her look of "power". She often has fragments of souls circling her body,


Daina gives good judgement and is usually fair; however since she has been doing her job for a number of years, she has learned to have a good sense of humor. She usually teases the residents of her building and can appear "insane" at times.

Even if she appears cold, Daina is very open; allowing lost souls to rest at her house in turn for simple work.


When she was alive, Daina was a daughter to a rich family and had inherited their mansion. However, she died of an unknown disease. After her death, she was allowed to go back to her mansion; however she was a ghost. She spent several years in solitude, watching her mansion slowly rot away. 

One of the higher ranked guardians noticed Daina's sorrow, and offerred her a spot on the council, which she gladly took. With her newly found powers, she almost instantly requested for a team to work under her reign. She was sick of being lonely, and wanted company for once.

The high council granted her three people to help out. One being her faithful maid,another her guard and the last being her "pet". The four of them combined created a shrine for Daina in Lensai. 

Although she is usually seen as formal, she has been known to go back to her mansion to play tricks with the visitors. 


  • Daina is the only one with the ability to revive a soul or to give a lost soul a new body.
  • She can manipulate objects within close range.
  • She can walk through walls at whim
  • Although weak at it, Daina can fly.


  • Namehere (Maid): Her faithful maid appointed by the higher council.
  • Namehere (Guard): Namehere is Daina's guard appointed by the higher council. Their interactions seem to be neutral.
  • Fog Barrett (Pet): Fog live's under Daina's house, sorting through the souls that end up there.He is neutral towards Daina. He helps in conveying Myst's messages to Daina for further approval
  • Myst Barrett (Pet): Myst lives with Fog, and is the main component in deciding which souls are to be kept. She works in order to stay with Daina. Their relations are neutral.
  • Alice (servant): A once-lost soul who Daina employed. Daina gets somewhat annoyed at her upbeat attitude.
  • Daemon (???): The past Guardian of Death who happens to be freeloading at Daina's residence. Both Daina and Daemon don't like eachother.


  • She has gone behind the council's back a few times, reviving those who weren't debated over.
  • Examples of her revivals include Alice and Fitechan