PD Eri
Name                                              Eri Rie
Gender                                            Female
Age                                              Unknown
Species                                         Shikigami  

Eri Rie is a Shikigami under Minori's control.


Eri is short and has a medium build. She has meduim length, wavy, dark brown hair. Her eyes are an oddly coloured tint of purple. 

Eri is found usually wearing an array of different shirts; however a winter themed one and a light purple one are among her favorites. She wears light brown shorts or pants, depending on the weather. Eri wears a pair of furred boots. She can almost always be found with an oversized blue, striped scarf.


Eri's ears and tail are visible in Lensai. Her cat-like features have a dark brown base colour with an odd amount of blue markings. 


Eri's Earth form is the same thing as her Lensai form, minus the ears and tail. Her eyes stay the same colour.


Eri tries her best to be mature, and follows orders to the best of her ability. She is both loyal and kind. Her passive nature allows her to deal with her master.


Eri was originally summoned by the Sun Goddess to aid Daina in the ressuruction of Minori Rie. To make sure that Minori stays stable and doesn't break down, Eri was appointed Minori's Shikigami to regulate her. 


  • Eri has the ability to teleport to her master whenever she is called, or whenever she feels it is needed.
  • Eri can swap between human and cat forms at will, however she cannot do it in excess.


  • Minori (Owner): Minori owns Eri, however their relationship is more of a friendship.
  • Daina (Aqquaintance): Eri contacts Daina when she needs help with Minori. The two aren't really friends.


  • Eri is not biologically related to Minori, however the two share a few simularities here or there.
  • Eri automatically got Minori's last name as her ownership was shifted.