Eve Paques is a lead journalist in her father's newspaper


Name Eve Paques
Gender Female
Age 17
Species Human


Eve Paques is quite short for her age, with a slim build. She has medium length, wavy orange hair and light hazel eyes. 

Eve's usual clothing consists ofa light green jacket covering a off-white shirt. She wears brown dress pants. Eve can usually be found with a homburg styled hat with a brown ribbon.


Eve is highly energetic, and won't let anything pass her by without a fight. She tends to be headstrong, even starting fights to get a good scoop. 


Ever since she was young, Eve showed a promising talent for journalism, through simple school report projects. When she could be legally hired, her father gave her a job in his Newspaper agency. Since she has ties with the founder of the company, Eve usually has a way with some of it's workers. 

She ordered two of the employees to try to get information out of Mari and Kale, as she deemed they were suspicious.


  • I dont have names (Photographer): Eve's partner for assignments. Eve is usually found bossing her around.
  • for these guys yet (Business Rep): Eve's financial accountant. He dislikes her brash nature. 

Trivia Edit

  • Eve's unofficial stage theme if she were in a video game would be Abusive Journalism, as it fits her character perfectly.