Forge is a wanted fugitive, known for going against the

Guardian's words as well as government laws on Earth. 

Name Forge Aras
Gender Female

Around 20

Species Esper (Dimensional)
​This page may contain some spoilers. Beware!


Forge has a medium build and is short. She has short, brown hair and blue eyes.

Forge can often be seen wearing a brown hood overtop of a dull cyan shirt. She wears brown slacks. She is almost always seen with bandages covering both lengths of her arms, due to being attacked and to high magic usage.


Forge is a seemingly caring individual, who is headstrong and an optimist. She may not look like it, but she cares for her closest friends a lot and would die for them.


Forge's past is a mystery. Her name is a mystery. Almost everything about her is a mystery. What is known  though, is that she is constantly running from the government and the guardians. She met Sage when she stopped in a town for a while before moving forward. After agreeing to mentor Sage, she made a promise that she would return to the town every year if she could. 

Forge took it on as her duty to be the one to change how the world was and how people viewed eachother. She broke many laws, trying to change the world for it's betterment; however her quest ended in loss of a friendship, and a death of a friend.


Forge is one of the strongest espers in Lensei, this is due to intense studying. Using more spells, causes more physical injury to her though, and she usually doesn't have time to tend to her injuries. She can't really do combat, however if she substitutes fists with close range magic, she can win.

She carries a staff around to balance herself out and to prevent her from going overboard, however this stll doesnt stop the detrement to her physical health.

She has the ability to stop time for short durations. This doesn't allow her to fully time travel though, as it's just a matter of slowing time down. 


Sage (Student): Sage is Forge's student who she has taught since Sage was a child.

Michelle Ross (Ex-Friend): Michelle used to be Forge's ways, but they split paths once Michelle didn't agree with Forge's plans.


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