Iris Dixoun is the daughter of a very powerful family.

Name Iris Dixoun
Gender Female
Age 16
Species Esper


Iris is of a normal build. She has unkempt, medium length blond hair. Her eyes are a shade of blue.

Lensai Edit

In Lensai, Iris usually wears clothes that appear to be what middle ages royalty would wear.

Personality Edit

Iris is quite concieted and oblivious. She is very imaginitive, and delusional. She thinks that she can boss some certain people around like a queen, just because of her family's power in Lensai.

History Edit

Iris was born into the Dixoun family as the legitimate daughter. Her mother appointed Ashen her bodyguard when she grew up, and forced Iris to go to school on Earth to hopefully become less deluded. 

Abilities Edit

Alliances Edit

  • Ashen Lupis (Step Sister): Her step-sister as well as appointed body guard. She bosses Ashen around quite a lot.