Kale Tenshi is a calm leading figure of a team.

​This page may contain some spoilers. Beware!
Name Kale Tenshi
Gender Female
Species Angel


Kale has a tall, thin build. Her hair is medium-long length and is straight. She has bright blue eyes.

Kale is usually seen wearing a white hoodie or shirt with blue jeans. She also carries around a pendant.


Kale's hair is shown to be fully blue in her native Lensai form. Her off-white colored wings are visible and her eyes are a blue-cyan. 

She usually wears a longer dress or shirt in Lensai, and is often seen with a leather quiver on her. 


Her hair is darker brown with cyan colored tips when she's on Earth. Her eyes are also usually a hazel color, with her wings invisible.

She usually wears a hoodie and jeans while on earth, sometimes carring around a mail bag when she's working.


Kale has a laid back personalty, and is shy at some times. She is usually the leader figure if she is put in a group, and is able to stay calm in most situations.


Kale was born and grew up on Lensai. She was given a purpose when she was a child, and has been traveling between Earth and Lensai quite frequently since then, waiting for the purpose come true.

To make her seem a bit less suspicious on Earth, she took up a job as a mail delivery person.


As an angel, Kale has purposes to fufill given to her by one of the guardians. Her main purpose is to be at M's side when her protective gem shatters. Kale does have a side purpose to her main mission though, and that is to aid those who are too weak or do not have the ability to travel between worlds.


  • Kale is able to fly, however she does not have much of a stamina for it. 
  • Her main forte of abilities is the abilities to control wind. She can change the direction of wind in smaller regions. If she is able to fully focus, she could probably pick a person up with a wind current.
  • Kale is able to open up gates between Lensai and Earth, in order to let weaker individuals through.
  • She also has the ability to take on a form of a dove, which almost all angels are able to do.


  • Netsu Hamasaki (Friend): Netsu is Kale's friend. Kale is quite the polar opposite to Netsu's personality.
  • Naomi (Friend/Collegue): Kale allowed Naomi access to Lensai, and keeps a watchful eye over the human to make sure she doesn't do anything wrong.
  • Mari (Friend) Mari trusts Kale as a friend. The two met due to one of Kale's missions.
  • Adine Kohler (Mortal Enemy) For some reason, Adine wants to murder Kale. Kale is neutral towards her.