Kasumi is a quiet cat kemonomimi. 

Name Kasumi
Gender Male
Age 18
Species Kemonomimi (cat)


Kasumi is tall with a thin build. He has short,blonde-yellow, unkempt hair and light hazel eyes.

Kasumi is usually found in a checkered yellow and black hoodie with green jeans. 


Kasumi is antisocial, due to the fact he was picked on when he was younger. He is a pessimist and would probably be in a worse state if it weren't for Chiika. 

History Edit

Kasumi grew up on Earth He had a hard time controlling his cat features, and was stuck with his ears and tail visible at all times. Since this was apparent, students in his middle school classes picked on him, which made him feel isolated from everyone else. 

However, one student stuck with him and believed his story, this person being Chiika. Chiika sacrificed herself for him, and the two started hang out more often. 

Abilities Edit

  • Kasumi has the ability to change between human and cat form. 
  • He should have the ability to withdraw his ears and tail but he has difficulties controlling them. 

Alliances Edit

  • Chiika (Girlfriend): The one person who dragged him out of his shell.

Trivia Edit