Kemonomimi are a subspecies of Lensai Residents of which's main feature is the posession of animal-eque features.

Lifespan 50-150 years
Notable Examples Eri RieAshen Lupis


Kemonomimi's usually have a total of three forms: Their animal form, their Natural form and their Human form. Their appearance depends on their form.

Lensai (Natural):Edit

When in their natural form, Kemonomimi have their animal parts visible. This includes wings, ears and tails, etc. Their appendages usually match their hair colour. 

Earth (Human):Edit

When in their Earth form, Kemonomimi's hide their animal parts. 

Lensai and Earth (Animal):Edit

For every Kemonomimi, this form is different; usually based on the animal they have parts of. 


Kemonomimi's have a range of personalities, usually taking on traits from their animal side.


Jobs: Edit

Kemonomimi's do not have any regular job fields as they are varied in trades. 


Shapeshifting is one of the Kemonomimi's most skilled traits, as they are known for swapping between human and animal forms frequently. Some of them might have traits in other fields depending on their backgrounds.


Familiars: Edit

Sometimes, Kemonomimis are referenced to as "familiars" or "Shikigami". There is nothing really special about this subspecies other than the fact that they serve a specific purpose or person. 


Nekomata are the "devils" of the Kemonomimis. They are an offbreed of cat kemonomimi's who were originally cats before taking human forms. Their tails are either split down the center or they have two tails. They are able to interact with lost souls, and some are skilled enough to control them.

Werewolves: Edit

The ancestors to almost all Kemonomimis, the werewolves were the original species that everything else stemmed from due to cross breeding. Werewolves usually lose control over their magic when the full moon comes out. They are able to use lunar based magic.