Kiba Tanaka is a carefree student.

Name Kiba Tanaka
Gender Male
Age 19
Species Dhamphir


Kiba has short, somewhat straight light gray hair. His eyes are a distinctive red.

He usually wears a light gray sweater with blue jeans.


Kiba is very carefree and easygoing in most aspects; however he is willing to move forward in life.


​While his sister, Kurai became obsesed with the idea of slaying vampires, Kiba rather would have studied in school and perhaps live out a normal life. He sometimes is found flirting around girls at his college campus.


  • Since heis a dhamphir, her inuries heal faster than normal humans.
  • He appears stronger at night


  • Kurai Tanaka (Twin Sister): His twin sister who he is indifferent to. She hates his guts.


  • He is a bit more sucessful than Kurai at his quest, as he actually managed to hook up with a girl.