Kitsune are purebreed ansectors of the original Gods.


Lifespan 100-300 years
Elemental Control


Notable Examples Suma

Kitsune normally have a total of four forms. Their appearance depends on what form they are in. 

Lensai (Human):Edit

In Lensai, when they show themselves as human, they are often seen with a human-like figure with fox ears and multiple tails. Their hair color varies in this form, and may be unnatural for a human.

Earth (Human): Edit

On Earth, when they are in their human form, they hide their fox ears and tails and normally change their hair color to something more natural for a human. 

Lensai (Kitsune):Edit

When in their base, kitsune form, they appear as a (usually) oversized fox. They have multiple tails on this form, usually based on their age or wisdom.


Kitsune are known to be calm and understanding individuals; however others may be quite mischevious. 

They have lived alongside humans for quite some time, which may be why they are usually open to visiting Earth and saving humans.



Most kitsune featured in Lensai have main jobs as Guardians and don't have time to take on any side jobs. 


Kitsune have a wide variety of skills, usually based around an element. Their power is increased upon gaining extra tails. 

Some of their powers include

  • Shapeshifting
  • Healing
  • Element-based magic

​However, great power does not come free, and a kitsune's life is full of dangers. If their tails are cut off, they will die; If their main tail they had since birth is cut off, it is pretty much instant death. The other ones being cut off slowly drains they power until they die.