Kurai Tanaka is a cynical assassin of sorts.

Name Kurai Tanaka
Gender Female
Age 19
Species Dhamphir


Kurai has gray-green, long unkempt hair which she keeps up in a ponytail at the back of her head. Her eyes are a shade of red.

Kurai is usually seen in a light gray hoodie and light blue jeans.


​Kurai is short tempered, getting annoyed at every little detail. Her nature makes her snap at her brother all the time. She is also efficient, never forgetting a job.


Since a child, Kurai took everything seriously. Someone told her that vampires were her enemy, so she believed it. When she got old enough to explore the world on her own, her main goal was to kill as many vampires as she could. She decided to take on assassination jobs to try to get pointed in the direction to completing her goal. 


  • Kurai apparently has the ability to sense where vampires are; however her power for this is weak.
  • Since she is a dhamphir, her inuries heal faster than normal humans.


  • Kiba Tanaka (Twin Brother): Kurai is often annoyed by Kiba's "careless mistakes" and therefore calls him out on a lot of things. Kiba is indifferent to her.


  • Even though she calls her self an "assassain" she only recieved a few, unrelated jobs.
  • She has killed a total of 0 vampires