Kyoko is a shut in college student.

Name Kyoko
Gender Female
Age 18
Species Human


Kyoko is short with a medium build. Her hair is shoulder length, straight and seems to be black. Her eyes are an ungodly shade of green.

Kyoko usually wears a black jacket and blue jeans. She has a purple scarf draped around her neck which she uses to cover half her face at times. 

Kyoko also frequently has a pair of black and green headphones on her at all times. A "plus" sign, green and pink clip is seen in her hair, and there is a bandaid on her left side of her face.


Kyoko is a person of few words. She's antisocial, negative and quick to snap. Due to her nature, she can't keep friends for longer than a year, so she decided to stop trying to make friendships.

History Edit

Over the years, Kyoko became friends with a few people, but the friendship always ended with her snapping at them. More recently, Naomi ended her friendship with Kyoko due to Naomi getting fed up with Kyoko's attitude. When that happened, Kyoko was left with a huge chunk of a joint project they were working on, code named "AVI"

After Naomi left, Kyoko was successfully able to get the project back up and running. The project was a success and "AVI" ran smoothly.


  • Naomi (Ex-Friend): Naomi was her partner for developing Project AVI. 
  • Avi (Program): Avi resides in Kyoko's computer or phones. She treats Kyoko as her master, however they are more like friends.
  • Aza (Rival): Aza is a rival in Kyoko's eyes, as he often tries to get Avi to break down.

Trivia Edit

  • Kyoko attempted to create an android version of herself; however she never fully finished the project.