Michelle Ross is a mysterious Esper


Name Michelle "Chell" Ross
Age 14 (As of "death")


Status Unknown (Presumed Dead)

Michelle is somewhat taller than the average person, with a thin build. Her hair is long, messy and brown. Her eyes are a dark shade of brown. 

She can usually be found with a gray shirt and blue jeans, or the above with a white hoodie.


Michelle's personality is different. She is usually quite before you get to know her. She's very tenacious and never wants to give up, no matter how much she says shes going to. She is also overly sensitive to what people say, and she can snap almost instantly.


Michelle was originally born in Lensai. By the time of 13, she was able to use time travling magic; however everytime she did use it, she seemed to get dizzy or faint. When she was a teenager, she became friends with Forge and started to help Forge out with her plans. Both her and Forge were able to control their magic well enough to become mentors for Sage.

After getting in a bad incident with Sage, Michelle realized that what Forge was doing wasn't always right, and started to question every next step. It then came that Forge's plan was too risky for Michelle's liking, so she stepped back. The original outcome of this was that Forge died. Michelle could not stand for that, so she went back in time to confront her friend about this.

She went back dozens of times, each time resulting in failure. One day she got so sick of it, she gave it her all. This time, she mixed up her spell and ended up almost completely erasing her existance from the Project Decieve; timeline. She ended up spending her last days on a paralell timeline, in which magic did not exist, having her lifeforce slowly drained from her.


  • Time manipulation (In short periods usually; minutes or hours. Days at the extreme)
  • Every time she tries to manipulate time, she either gets dizzy or blacks out right away.


  • Sage Aras (Student): Michelle helped Forge teach Sage how to control her magic.
  • Forge (Ex-Friend): MIchelle's-used to be best friend. They ended up going seperate "ways"
  • James Ross (???): ???? ???? ?? ??