Naomi is a friendly researcher who works alongside Kale and her team.

​This page may contain some spoilers. Beware!
Name Naomi
Gender Female


Species Human


Naomi has a medium build. She has medium length, straight blonde hair. Her eyes are a shade of green.

Naomi is usually spotted with a red and black striped shirt and blue jeans. She can also be seen wearing a labcoat. 




Naomi was born on Earth. She got kicked out of her home when she was 17, as she was spending too much time on "Stupid science projects". To survive, she got a job as a janitor in a labritory, so she could suvive while being around her passion. 

She was allowed access to some of the scientific equiptment after she demonstrated her knowledge in the lab, and her boss promoted her. One day she snapped at her boss by mistake, as she wanted to stray away from the project they were currently working on. Her boss fired her, and to make sure she would forget everything about the experiments, he had the workers attempt to knock her out, in order to induce amnesia. 

She woke up later in a run down hotel, with her laptop and just enough money from the lab to pay for rent for a few months and food. 

Naomi met Kyoko over a science based forum website, and the two collaberated to attempt to pull off a project. Naomi did the researching for the project, and Kyoko programmed it. The two split ways after Naomi became fed up with Kyoko's attitude. 

Naomi soon after wandered through a gate that Kale made by mistake, and Kale confronted her. They agreed that if Naomi tuck with Kale when in Lensai she would be safe to stay and study, as Kale could see the girls compassion for researching. 


  • Kale Tenshi (Friend): Kale is Naomi's friend, and supervisor for when she's in Lensai.
  • Netsu Hamasaki (Friend, Research Subject): Naomi studies Netsu to learn about the world of Lensai. She is also a friend.
  • Kyoko (Ex-Research Partner) Naomi's first partner in science, the two parted ways after Naomi grew sick of her.
  • Avi (Creation): Naomi was behind the development of Avi. Avi is rarely seen with Naomi.


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