Netsu Hamasaki
Gender Female
Age 17
Species Phoenix

Netsu Hamasaki is an absentminded member of Kale's



Netsu appears to be short, with brown hair and green eyes.

Netsu is usally spotted wearing a green vest over a lighter green shirt along with a darker shade of cargo pants. 


When she's in Lensai, her wings are usually visible, peeking out from underneath her clothing. Her wings are start at red and fade to orange.


On Earth, Netsu's wings are concealed, and her hair is dyed orange at the tips. 


Netsu is an outgoing individual who is quite oblivious to everything going on around her. She is usually upbeat, and has a tendancy to jump into other people's missions without warning.


Netsu was born in Lensai, and spent her time growing up surrounded by nature. However, she wanted more. Due to the Lensai Realm rule of only one phoenix on earth at a time, she didn’t have any chances to see what live on the other side was like. Deep down inside, she wished for something more than the tranquil life in Lensai.

When she was fourteen her mother, Haru Hamasaki begged Kale to try to allow her daughter passage to Earth, and to watch over her daughter because she couldn’t. Kale agreed and it wasn’t long before Netsu found her love for planes. Netsu is almost permanently on Earth, keeping any other phoenixes from traveling to it, however the Lensai Guardians seem to be okay with this.


  • Netsu's overall abilities are quite weak, as she pays more attention to enjoying life rather than working hard to improve her skills. 
  • One of her stronger abilities is flight, as she is able to navigate the skies with ease. She has a harder time manuvering when her wings are concealed on Earth. 
  • She has the ability to summon smaller balls of fire from her fingertips, however this skill is very weak and just a small change of airflow can put it out. 


  • Haru Hamasaki (Mother): She is still in good standings with her mother. The two are close and her mother allows her to do almost everything she wants to, supporting her from the sidelines.
  • Kale Tenshi (Friend): Kale Tenshi is one of Netsu’s friends. She can stand Netsu’s high energy profile and balance’s Netsu out with her calm composure and aura.
  • Naomi (Friend): Naomi is Netsu’s friend who enjoys to research and collect data from her.


  • Netsu works as a pilot on a commercial airplane
  • She faked an ID to get her job at the airport
  • She hates an open sky: she would rather be challenged by obsticales 
  • She hates "girly' things