Sage Aras is an esper in training.

Name Sage Aras
Gender Female
Age  14
Species Esper (Dusk)


Sage has a medium sized build. She has dark, wavy hair, which seems to be tinted purple. Her eyes are blue.

She usually wears a deep cyan shirt, with a simple shall draped over it. She wears brown pants. She is usually found wearing bandages around her right hand, as she is prone to magic-related injuries and had injured it once during a solo training session.


Sage is usually a quiet individual; however when close friends are around, she can really become hyped up. She is somewhat a pessimist and hides her irritation from others.


Sage was born to both an esper who controlled Sun-based magic, and one who controlled Moon-based magic. Since she has roots in both day and night, her magic was harder to control when she was younger. She met an older woman who called herself "Forge" when she was a child, and after a discussion with her parents, Forge became her mentor. 

The first thing Forge did was help Sage's father create a magic staff for Sage, which helped her control her magic more efficiently.


Sage has issues controlling her abilities, as they often seem too powerful for her. If she were to strain herself too much, she would pass out. 


Forge (Mentor): Forge is Sage's mentor, whom she looks up to. However Forge is frequently out of town.

Michelle Ross (Friend): Michelle was stuck with Forge and Sage during an attack and helped them get away; however Michelle went missing. Forge may not care anymore, but Sage does.