Tundra is a traveling kemonomimi, having the traits of an

artic fox.

Name Tundra
Gender Female


Species Kemonomimi (Artic Fox)


Tundra has a medium build. She has short-cut, unkept gray hair. Her eyes are a somewhat orange colour.

Tunda usually wears short sleeved shirts; she can usually be found with one that has a deep blue colour. She wears light gray shorts.


Tundra is very oblivious to the people and animals around her, as well as the basic concepts on how nature works. She isn't an idiot persay, but she isn't quick to catch on. Tundra has an adventurous spirit and would do anything to stand up to her friends.


When Tundra was a child, she always preferred her fox form over her human one, as it gave her an easier and faster mode of transportation which allowed her to explore more. When she was around 15, she happened to run into a rabbit, and instead of killing it, she tried to become "friends" with it. She later realized that this rabbit happened to be a fellow kemonomimi who's name was Layla. The two became friends, even if it seemed unlikely.

However, Layla prefered a simple life to Tundra's thrill seeking personality, so Tundra set off alone to discover more about the world.


  • Tundra is able to withstand frigid temperatures without feeling a thing due to her Artic Fox traits.
  • Tundra is also able to swap between human and fox form at will.


  • Layla (Friend): Tundra met Layla by mistake on an "adventure" she was having, and instantly wanted to become friends.

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